Lost Again

by The Vigilance Committee

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released May 10, 2014

Recorded, engineered and mixed b Bradley Francis Cordaro / Mixed by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio / Artwork by Kimberly Gerdjikian



all rights reserved


The Vigilance Committee New York

Indie/punk rock from Long Island, N.Y.

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Track Name: Psychic Says Now
Woke up on higher ground,

leaving much beneath.

Just a small patch of dirt

it's enough to stand.
A mourning dove flew on up to sing,

speaking melodies.

Though, I could not figure out her song,

it helped me spread my wings.

It flew away, but I followed the echoes,

as the ground was expanding.

I asked an old, wise woman for directions,

she knew where I was going.
I asked her when,

and the psychic said now.

My patch of dirt now mirror's a city,

I'm losing my way around.

Do all the streets go where she's predicting?

Will I be Lost Again?
It felt like it would remain

but the rain falls all the same.

I asked her when,
and the psychic said now.
Track Name: A Story
I’m in a story,

a mind-numbing place.

We both write the story,

we map out our ways.

Do you live, love, and feel like
 the way that I do?

Read my words closely,

reason the truth.

Should I wake up on the floor some day with my new love,

I'd never ever leave the floor I'm sure.
Babbling queen,
I will bow down to you.

The distance between,
well it ain't nothing new.

I hope this night, 
I hope it is true,

because this is a story, 
a great escape too.
Track Name: Easy on the Eyes
You were easy on the eyes,

I've never really tried.

I won't wait on the world.

When will I see you again? 

Please, don't tell me where you've been.

So where am I?

Where are my friends, Lost again?

Hate it how they can be, so easy on the eyes

knowing that they never really tried.

I won't wait on the world.

Rows of houses, white picket fences, grass of green envy. 

Static living, the nuclear family,
our own golden age falls to disarray.
Track Name: Ordinary Things
Ordinary things got strange when you arrived.

Elegantly dressed standing so still, deprived

Of attention, I don’t hold your cure.

Satisfaction rare, you just want more.

You’ve got some nerve to be here,
here in my home. 

You know I can’t resist you,
you know I won’t.

But I am so glad you came here,
you know I am.

You’ve got some nerve to test me, here in my REM.

Your stare brought me straight to you.

Are you surprised by my words truth?

Holding your hand, I took you away.

Having you here, I feel very safe.

In the crowd you disappeared.

You don’t exist inside of here.

When I awake I’ll still love you,

I’ll love the way you were,
I made you.

Ordinary things just stay the same.
Track Name: In a House That is Empty
There's nobody here

and I don’t know why

this house is empty

since you have left me.
Where did you go?

Please just come home.

There’s no one like you,
understand I’m alone.

What I thought was just a spiral,

was a maze, and I’ve been walking all day.

Everyone's saying to turn back,
but this web is no haven to play.

Get up you fool and keep looking until you are dead!

There’s nobody here

and I must confess,

it’s a knot in my stomach

and it burns through my chest.
Where did you go?

Please just come home.

Can, can you hear me
in a house that is empty?

You hold in your hands

the air that I need to breathe,

and all I ask from you, is please give it back, now.

This house is empty since you have left me.
Track Name: Aftermath
What a mess, what a mess

Everything is destroyed!

Look around and tell me what is left?

Where to start, where to start?
Looks like everything is gone.

Looks like everything took it’s final turn.

The lightning bolt struck,
but my world is alive.

The sky hasn’t looked this way in some time.

I spoke with the locals, they’re so impressed.

They pointed and said, "go home and rest".

It’s the aftermath.
It’s a cover up.

Caught by surprise 
was the light in the sky.

It is what woke me up the next day.

The streets have been cleared up,
I’m so impressed.

Feels as fake as plastic, I confess.


t’s the aftermath.

It’s a cover up.

Where’s the mess, Where’s the mess?

It’s all I had to remind me of what I almost had.

Give it back, Give it back!

I’m not ready to let go.

I’m not ready to take this final turn.
Track Name: Reflection
The storm has passed,
the storm’s still here.

It’s in my dreams,
they follow me.

Not a day goes by that I stop and think

about what I saw inside the lies.

Away you go,
into the day

but a cloud hangs low
where you hide away.

Time has passed,
the time’s still here.

Not even you can make time disappear.

I will go into the night.

Into the night, I know it’s time.

Away you go,
into the day

but a cloud hangs low
where you hide away.
Track Name: Paying Back the World
Pedaling along the pathway,

numbers ticking,
changing cities,

they're whizzing by quickly.

Is there any hope to spare,

hope to finding a place out there?
Pay us now, world, you owe us.

Thinking of the time we woke up

underneath the stars above us,

I could have died happy.

Then the twinkles kept on burning,

burning as our souls decayed.
Help us find a way back in time,

back in time the world was mine.

The dollar you owe is a waste,

everything is temporary

and this money doesn't pay,

pay us back all the time we waste.
I still feel the world owes us,

It's not the case, they won't serve us.

Track Name: Roundabout
you turn me around.

You know where I’d liked to go.

I’ll close my eyes,
you’ll decide on the road.

We’ll say it was a mistake,
but I’ll keep our secret safe.

I want another chance,

let me dance around these thoughts,

while entering a town I don’t wish to be caught.


hear them speaking down my name,

everyone, but me and my friends here.

Brace yourselves, I’m coming back.

I used to live here, but now my name’s crossed out in shame.

Staring from the porches, as I drove,

they said I don’t belong on this road.

They’re gonna tell, they’re gonna tell her that I’m here.

I should turn around, I shouldn’t show my face for years.

We're in a spider haven,

protected from the rest of the earth,

with my eight legged friends,

they're very nice, for what it's worth.
Track Name: Waiting for Thunder
Reached as I fell back,

grabbing the edge of the mountain she lives on.

Will you save me?
I am waiting.
This became the home
of many before me.

You watched as they struggled,
no-one saved them.

Do not look down below,

It’s the easy way out.

Don’t look down.

Hands gripped so tightly,

my life is ending,
if gravity takes me away.

Wishing and waiting for thunder,

that’s all I want.

Breaking the spell I am under,

that’s in your hands.

I’m wishing, waiting, when will it come?
Oh no, look all the way down below!

Will my feet ever reach the ground?

The count down begins now,

I loosen up fingers,

moments from falling.

Don't look down.
Seconds to reflect,

seconds to miss her.

Moments have fallen.

Don’t look down.
Track Name: Echoing in Spotlights
Currently obeying the norm,

falling over, walking on fallen walkers before.

Soundlessly moving along,

it’s the loudest I get because no one can hear me at all.

Echoing in spotlights, exploring all the seasons,

it’s bounced around, shuttered by light.

A landscape so bright, blinds color,
it all obliterates peace.

Obliterate me, please.

Above and beyond all the noise,

I heard something else, I heard sounds of children’s toys.

Focusing on fiction too long
brought me back,
bearing melodies of children’s songs.

Stolen wonders, awaiting thunder,
forgotten days gone astray.

A landscape so cold, kills kindness,
it all obliterates peace.

Obliterate me, please.

Obliterate me.

Why are we obeying the norm?

Why are we walking on fallen walkers before?

Soundlessly moving along,

it's the loudest I get because no one can hear me at all.