Exit a Hero

by The Vigilance Committee

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Living amongst all you Kings shames the name my father gave I’ll change it so they know who exposed all the colors you hide Some Kings should die They suspect a man unfit to start a fire choose to bide and blow out the flame the heats this fixation I’ve bellowed my beliefs now watch the bursting blaze stretch across the states Brother of mine your words from the west stir my blood you’ve conquered lands you’ve roamed There’s no doubt a better home there waiting for us kings
Six-Shooter Al Shields his villainy ways out west He's seeking gold and nothing less An easy solution it rapaciously sprawls it's all around, it's all around, it's all around In the streets No earthquake compares it's the strike of the thieves Though I've held a pick and shovel my hands are not of King Midas Sustenance keeps Say farewell to the mines and be set free Hangman awaits his noose is not just for the thieves just have to hold enough greed Could have lived innocently With all the dust how does one breathe? Take what is mine from the mines of the earth Losing my mind, I don't mind for what it's worth I've bellowed my beliefs now watch the city burst It will burst into flames once the gold strikes the home Six Shooter Al infected with the same disease It's all around, it's all around, it's all around
186 06:18
Our wild west put to the test No structure seems to stand on its own Their balances were left unchecked And now we're standing up as one to tear it down Take a stand Show some spine Make your mark Leave your name Here's your call to arms We're bringing back the old days 'Cause if we don't, nothing will Names in numbers will resist When those with power abuse it, one eight six The ink will overcome the force And history won't show remorse, when you are gone, when you are gone. Then justice hasn't been so just And we no longer let disgust conquer us So fight the fight, or face the rope We're ringing necks when they no longer help the cause Change the pace Save this place Join with us Leave your name Stand for something or step aside
Villains 04:49
Shadow carry's weight Pulling at the core of spirit A sing song and dance Evokes the shadow's past Bearing a light Once a beacon to guide but don't blind my eyes I shall not be seen at this time Mother was right Don't tell her what I've done Moonless sky to walk Villains follow suit Prowling plots to bring The city to it's knees Guilty as charged Just like that day Nothing has changed Sunrise reveals What terrible things Happen through the night Shadow you are right My life's a lie Stuff the ballots and don't talk about it There's noway out I'm living in A nostalgic nightmare Is there anybody there? Is there anybody there?
Splintered Spineless frail exterior Reflector Projects truth The time is now Find the inner strength A warrior guide your physical form to higher ground No one is safe as we barrel through the clouds Sustain a stable form it's the way you steer around Open sky show your might Break the weak links, wash them out of mind Estranged Elusive soul Take your shape Bounded by the Limits of your state Battered daily by the game Never keeping solid shape Splintered spineless real estate Find your own way to sustain it's the way you steer around
Expositor 04:46
I am but a fraud My words out-beat my heart A tragic portraiture And though my caper ends The dirty secret lives I hope it never dies Truth does not have to be for sale Even if it were, no one is buying Ink stains my hands Blood stains my shirt I now inhabit a life i don't deserve Walk this earth, we are frauds In the line we stand for a shot in the heart While fighting to protect the brand I am the expositor I am a frantic kind of boring An end-stage addiction Wait for the shame
Montgomery 04:43
Rose together at the break The task ahead was nothing new I stand today just like I've stood We rose together, though we may not set My words have no assassin They will stand this test of time I stand beside the text We'll fall together in the end You rose to the occasion though you still stand for nothing you'll never reach the ground
Sinking towards the inescapable brink I toss and turn into an endless dream My wounds are blowing up the streets As I reflect on what it means to me The last words I wrote still stand, and remain Maybe it is for the best that I will decay I'd rather not witness what the world will become I'll never fall apart, because of time's wicked game I'll never fall out of love, I'll never cry on their days You know what? I think I'm ready Take me already please Fuck this place The storm is over, pack your bags, I won't wait longer I wish to die right now thank you
Vigilantes 04:57
He failed Storm the jail Storm the jail Storm the jail Hand his over to us Citizen’s guard forms a hollow square Repair To the cell Let him know That we wait For his neck in a noose Hanging in the sky is his debt to pay Each breathe that you take is now on borrowed time ‘cause you’re mine and we won't Rest until you get what you deserve And now, we’re alone, we’re alone, we’re alone in our fight And now there is no end, is no end, is no end in sight On We press on We press on We press on He did not die in vain Pray the same can be claimed in our names Flames Burn the same All the same All the same Our beliefs, they still rage There is no beating this bursting blaze We’ve been building bridges left and right but here we are, no end in sight They’ve played these games, games, sordid games with our lives Loneliest fight Really hoping you're out there
Exit a Hero 06:16
The insignia of grief all around as thousands march to the loneliest hill in town Farewell King The great, the good one is dead, who will not mourn It's your restless spirit that's still abroad Which carries on the fights that you fought In this war of being heard Awaken dormant ones to your makeshift lives Better to die a martyr than a meaningless mime Be a King The great, the good ones live on, amongst the unborn Fallen walkers before Couldn’t have the physics of form and will never be able to stand as tall,stand as the Expositor Bearer of news and vigilance, speak to us, You're exiting But not in vain you taught us all Farewell We’re just some little tiny orbs who spin around in the dirt, in the dirt, brother you’ve dug you’re way through the earth, oh if only we’d learn Je espère que mes rêves sont doux pour moi


"Exit a Hero" is based on the true story of the life and death James King of William and the vigilance committees of San Francisco in the late 1800s.


released April 25, 2015

Recorded by Peter J. Scoma / Engineered and mixed by J. Robbins / Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio / Additional monologues written and performed by Bruce "AllOne" Pandolfo / Artwork by Maya Collins / Design and layout by the UP Studio


all rights reserved



The Vigilance Committee New York

New York’s The Vigilance Committee stands as a message-driven intersection of progressive, punk, and indie

Stand for something or step aside.

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